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Jim Leach

Xiao Ou

Josh (Set Foreman)

Kenny (Jim's Right-Hand Man)

Our mission at Bay Point Homes LLC is maintaining open communications between Bay Point Homes LLC and its customers and to ensure that the customer receives exactly what the customer wants.

We demand high standards for the manufacture of all the homes acquired on behalf of our customers. We also demand the very best materials for all the systems within the home, and all external finishes will be of very high standard, providing the home buyer with an attractive home equal to any home on the market. What does this give our customers? A quality home, on time, at a practical cost!

Jim has the experience and background in the housing industry to help you make the right choices for the home of your dream. Jim was a contractor for 30 years. He grew up in Litchfield, New Hampshire and has been living in Maine since 1987. Are you one of those home buyers that know what style you want but aren’t sure of the construction, floor plans or the advantages of purchasing a modular home? If you are, than give Jim a call today, we’re sure he can answer all of your questions.

Now that you know a little bit about our team, give us a call, and let us build you the home of your dreams!